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The Alabama Master Gardeners Association (AMGA) was incorporated in 1993 and the Officers and Board of Directors are comprised of representatives from many of the counties in the State of Alabama. The Board meets quarterly to address statewide program issues and is responsible for locating a local county association to host the annual conference and business meeting, required by the bylaws. The conferences are located around the state, depending on the local association that agrees to host. The conferences are attended by 350-400 Master Gardeners who can participate in several advance training workshops and lectures. Awards are presented to individuals from throughout the state for their Master Gardener activities and recognition is given to a State Master Gardener of the Year (Mary Lou McNabb Alabama Master Gardener of the Year Award, named in honor of Mary Lou who brought the MG Program to Alabama in 1981 from the state of New York).

The mission of the Alabama Master Gardeners Association is to assist and support the Alabama Cooperative Extension System in its education outreach program and to support the local Master Gardener Associations in their pursuit of continuing education in the field of horticulture and providing volunteer service through horticultural based assistance, education and community projects.

AMGA presently has more than 1800 members statewide representing approximately 30 counties. Over 121,000 volunteer hours were reported to the Alabama Cooperative Extension Agents during the year.

The purpose of our Web site is to provide Alabama Master Gardeners with our state newsletter and information concerning gardening events throughout the state. If you need information that you can't find in our site, please click on "write the webmaster" and we will get the information to you or put you in touch with someone who can help. If you are interested in becoming a Master Gardener contact you local ACES County Offices for class dates.

Read More information on AMGA Articles of Incorporation
AMGA Awards Recipients (click here)
Mary Lou McNabb Award: Master Gardener of the Year Lifetime Hours Award Top Hours of the Year Award Gary Murray Award
1997 Mary Lou McNabb (Madison County) 2003 Jean Lee (Madison County)

2002 Jean Lee (Madison County) 892 Hours

2003 Gary Murray, Etowah Co. Extension Agent

1998 Patricia Barnes (Walker County) 2004 Jean Lee (Madison County)

2003 Brenda Tapp (Madison County) 1,173 Hours

2004 Dr. William B. Shell, Lee Co.

1999 Jim Call (Madison County) 2005 Jim Call (Madison County)

2004 Theda Goodridge (DeKalb County) 1,525 Hours

2005 Jean Inscho, Wiregrass Master Gardener

2000 Barbara East (Etowah County) 2006 Brenda Tapp (Madison County)

2005 Margaret Holler (Lee County) 2,080 Hours

2006 Chuck Browne, Lee Co.

2001 Bess Parks (Madison County) 2007 Cookie Kruvand (Madison County) 2006 Kathie Bass (Madison County) 1,581 Hours

2007 Charles E. Andrews, Shoals Agent

2002 Brenda Tapp (Madison County) 2008 Ann Houston (DeKalb County)

2007 Kathie Bass (Madison County) 1,270 Hours

2008 Harvey Cotten, Huntsville Botanical Garden

2003 Linda Stephens (DeKalb County) 2009 Helen-Sue Kemp (Wiregrass)

2008 Brenda Tapp (Madison County) 1,104 Hours

2009 Dot Burke, Shoals Master Gardener

2004 Harriet Turner (DeKalb County) 2010 Kathie Bass (Madison)

2009 Helen Sue Kemp (Houston County) 1,358 Hours

2010 Alice Lawler, North Alabama Master Gardener

2004 Harriet Turner (DeKalb County) 2011 Delores (Dee) Hubbert (Shoals).

2010 Dee Hubbert (Shoals County) 1,837 Hours

2011 Rachel Dykes, Wiregrass Agent

2006 Ann Houston (DeKalb County 2012 Joan Jones ( Madison County)

2011 Kathie Bass ( Madison County) 2,593 Hours

2012 Rick Beauchamp (Ret. ACES Agent Elmore County)
2007 Janet Szofran (Madison County) 2013 Linda Stephens (DeKalb County) 2012 Ona Garwood (Coffee County) 2013 Chris Becker (ACES Agent-Shoals)
2008 Fred Evans (Elmore County)

2014 Jackie Chandler (Madison County)

2013 Jerry Blecher (Capital City)

2014 Fred Nations (Baldwin County)

2009 Dottye Pierce (Madison County) 2014 Andria Cummings (Madison County)
2010 Kathie Bass (Limestone County)
2011 Cathy Maddox (Capital City)
2012 Dee Hubbert (Shoals)
2013 John Baker (Shoals)
2014 Harold Deason (Jefferson County)
Service Award

Garden Pathways Winter Edition


Congratulations 2014 Search for Excellence Award Recipients!

Capital City MGs. Lilly's Garden and Outdoor Classroom.

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1) AMGA Fund raiser with Brent & Becky's Bulbs

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3) You will be taken to the Brent and Becky's Bulbs website where a portion of every dollar you spend goes to support AMGA.
4) If you have questions, call Brent and Becky's Bulbs: 877-661-2852

To donate to the AMGA Endowment fund for Auburn University please make check payable to Alabama Master Gardeners Association (AMGA) and in the "For " Line at the bottom left hand corner of the check please annotate Endowment. Please send the check to Mary Howe, 204 Buckeye Lane, Brownsboro, AL 35741

Alabama's Gardens & Arboretums
  • Auburn
  • Birmingham
  • Dothan
  • Huntsville
  • Mobile
  • Troy
  • Tuscaloosa
Donald E. Davis Arboretum
Garden Dr. & College St.., Auburn, AL 36849
On the Auburn University campus.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens
2612 Lane Park Road, Birmingham, AL 35223


Aldridge Gardens
3530 Lorna Road, Hoover, AL 35216

Dothan Area Botanical Gardens
5130 Headland Avenue, Dothan, AL 36303
Huntsville Botanical Garden
4747 Bob Wallace Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35805
Mobile Botanical Gardens
5151 Museum Drive, Mobile, AL 36689
Troy University Arboretum
210K McCall Hall
Troy University
Troy, AL 36082

University of Alabama Arboretum
4800 Arboretum Way
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

AMGA Forms

Resources(Click on an URL below and a new window will appear with the information.)

AMGA Board of Directors Calendar Note: Local Associations may have position titles or job descriptions that differ from those used below, but in any event, the stated Dues Collection, and Hour and Membership reporting requirements must be accomplished.

(click on topic below to view information)

Advisory Council
  • Jan, Apr., Jul., Oct. Advisory Council meets in Clanton.
  • Jan meeting - select a leader.
AMGA Board of Directors
  • AMGA Board of Directors:
    Meeting Schedule: March. (State Conference), First Tuesday of :June. -Sept. -Dec.

  • Feb 28. The Audit Committee presents an audit report of AMGA financial records at the State Conference Board meeting.
  • Jan. 1. Search for Excellence award from ACES. More information on submittal process click  
  • Jan 31 - Deadline for submission of awards nominations to AMGA Awards Committee.
  • Jan 31 - Local Volunteer Hours Coordinator submits names of qualified applicants for gold, platinum and lifetime badges and the stars advanced awards to the AMGA Awards Committee Chair. Go to and click on Reach For the Stars Award Program at the bottom of the page, to access order form, click on "view order form".
  • Jan. 31. - Mar 1 - The Awards Committee evaluates submitted nominations for the various AMGA awards, selects award winners, and plans for their presentation at the Annual State Conference
  • Sept 15. Submit article for Garden Pathways announcing Awards deadlines and providing a brief explanation and criteria for how to submit awards.
  • Dec 1. Submit any requests for any potential monetary awards to the treasurer for discussion and approval at the December AMGA BoD meeting.
  • Dec 1. The Finance Committee prepares an Annual AMGA Budget for discussion and approval by the BoD. This approved budget is presented at the next annual AMGA meeting
  • Dec 15 - The Communication Committee prepares the "Calendar of Master Gardener Due Dates and Action Items". Distributes copies to the State Coordinator, AMGA and Local leadership, and for publication in Garden Pathways. The Calendar will be revised and redistributed as needed and agreed upon at Board Meetings.

Conferences and Special Events
  • April 15-17, 2013 State Conference---Shoals
  • April 28-30, 2014 State Conference---Baldwin County (Daphne Civic Center)
  • March 23-25, 2015 State Conference---Blount/Cullman County held in Cullman County
Dues and Membership Reporting
  • Jan. 15 Membership Chair notifies local presidents and treasurers of associations that have not submitted dues for current year that members are not in good standing.
  • Jan. 31 - The local Membership chair must reconcile Dues paid to AMGA with Members reported to the Database Manager. Members should be reported as "active" members only if their dues have been paid to AMGA at that time.
  • Sep. 15- Membership Chair sends a supply of membership cards to local associations.
  • Oct. 1-Local associations begin membership drive and dues collection process.
  • Nov.1 - Dec. 31 The Local Membership Chair collects annual dues and membership applications. The Local Treasurer sends state dues collected to the AMGA Treasurer and Local Database Manager sends changes to membership marked in an updated spreadsheet to the AMGA Database Manager. These should agree with the dues sent to the AMGA Treasurer.
  • Dec. 31- Deadline for dues and spreadsheets from local associations to AMGA Treasurer and Database manager. (Dues and updated spreadsheets may be sent at any time, but members who have not paid by January 1 are not in good standing.)
  • Quarterly- The AMGA Database Manager sends a list of current members to the Editor of Garden Pathways. Local Association Database Manager must have any updates in membership names, addresses and E-mails sent to the AMGA Database Manager by December 15th. This will ensure that everyone will get his or her hard-copy of the winter newsletter, which will contain AMGA Conference registration information.
  • The Newsletter, in PDF format, can be obtained by going to the AMGA website:
  • AMGA Dues Tracker Training
  • Dec 15 -The Nominating Committee prepares a ballot for election of officers, board members, and a Nominating Committee position, and provides it for publication in Garden Pathways, and for the election held at the State Conference.

Garden Pathways Newsletter
  • March 15, June 15, Sept. 15, Dec. 15. Article submission deadlines. Newsletter available to members one month after each deadline.

Project Funding
  • Jan. 15 Deadline for submission of project funding requests from local associations to the Project Funding Chair.
  • Feb. 28. Prior to this date, the Project Funding Committee shall have evaluated funding request applications and made decisions as to grants to be awarded at the Annual Conference Meeting.
  • Sept. 15 Submit article for Garden Pathways newsletter announcing deadlines and how to get submission information.
Alabama Master Gardeners Project Funding Criteria (Click here for more details)
  1. The applicant and the project must be in the State of Alabama
  2. Priority will be given to those projects that most closely meet the mission of AMGA and Master Gardeners in general.
  3. Master Gardeners must be directly involved in the project and should be the main force in the initiation and the implementation
  4. The project should be non profit and/or charitable in nature
  5. The project must have the potential to benefit a significant number of citizens
  6. The project should have on-going value
  7. The project should reflect creativity and uniqueness.
  8. The project will be evaluated based on the information submitted. No further contact will be made by the Evaluation Committee to obtain information
  9. An applicant may submit only one application per organization.
  10. An applicant may receive funding for only one approved project within a three year period.
  • Feb. 28. Notify The Auburn College of Agriculture if AMGA does not intend to award the usual $1000 annual scholarship for the year.
  • Dec. 1 Prepare a budget request and submit to the AMGA treasurer for discussion and approval at the December AMGA BoD meeting.
Stars Purchase
  • The Local Hours Coordinator and Local Treasurer must coordinate purchase of Stars Awards as required for award to local members at a later time.
  • Go to and under forms click on Reach for the Stars Awards Bronze-Silver-Gold Badges Form or Reach for the Stars Awards Advanced Stars and Badges Form, to access order form. Order form and money are to be sent to the AMGA Awards Committee Chairperson.
  • See address on Form or the updated Chair information on AMGA Contacts
State Conference
  • June. 30. The Program Committee updates The AMGA Conference Manual to include important input, if any, from the host association of the previous Conference.
  • The Program Committee is also responsible for obtaining a final accounting and summary report from the hosting association, and for its filing as a permanent record.
Volunteer Hours Reporting